Fly save

First Class Safety

Voyage Air will exceed your expectation.

Our dedicated team is at your service and ready to take you to the destination of your choice 24/7.

Our first class service begins by the time of your reservation throughout the arrival at your final destination. Wether you may require assistance with a connecting flight or a private limousine our team will gladly assist you efficiently and absolutely discrete.

No Hassles

Time to relax

Voyage Air is a reward – an aircraft and staff at your command and for those who are important to you. Leave behind the stress of time absorbing check-in and baggage claim procedures. Elevate above crowded airports.

Our private jets allow you the flexibility to maximize your time. If you decide to work in the exclusive ambience of the cabin and its generous leather seats or if you prefer to relax in our lavish bar, the cabin will evolve into your private lounge. Choose your flight plan and arrive at your destination rejuvenated, updated, and ready to go. Roll, rock, perform, succeed.


Business not as usual

Knowing that time is a most valuable capital, Voyage Air brings you closer to your destination faster than any other conventional airline. Our selected alliance with exclusive airports allows us to offer direct service unavailable to other providers.

Our clients save precious time and avoid unnecessary airport stress. While on board, conduct your meetings conductively and undisturbed if you choose, with communication facilities including a satellite phone.

Arrive faster and more prepared to accomplish your goals.